Our Core Values

We believe that every Christian is called to WORSHIP, CONNECT, and COMMIT. That means we will do whatever it takes:





WORSHIP means to tell God that He is worthy ("worth-ship"). We worship in two ways:

EXPERIENCE-We experience God through our Sunday morning worship service and by recognizing His presence in our everyday lives. Every day is filled with opportunities to see God at work within this world.

RESPONSE-We respond to God by making life choices. Our first and best choice is to become a Christian. But every choice we make has Kingdom implications.


To CONNECT means to grow closer to God and to others.

CONNECT WITH GOD-This is called "discipleship". We learn more ABOUT Jesus so that we can become more LIKE Jesus.

CONNECT WITH OTHERS-This is called "fellowship". God's people do better in community.


To COMMIT means to take what we have experienced and share it with the world!

SERVE GOD-We give of our time, talents, and resources to make our God look good.

DEMONSTRATE TO OTHERS-Everthing is about multiplication. we prepare ourselves to share the Biblical plan of salvation. we also show others how to do the ministries for which God has equipped us.