Get to know Tamirat!

Tamirat Hailye is a nine-year-old boy from Ethiopia. Tamirat is sponsored by Daytha Shurtz's Sunday School class. You can read letters from his family and learn more about Tamirat by checking out his display in our lobby.  If you would like to learn more about sponsoring a child through ChildFund, visit  

Missions Connection

These are the missions and missionaries that we support. Most listings contain a link to their websites. 

  • flights for christ

    Rodney and Jana Mullinax

    Rodney and Jana Mullinax minister both within the United States and to the island of Haiti with their flights.


  • COllins Family

    Momentum Christian Church

    Tony and Kelsey Collins serve with Momentum Christian Church and are preparing to plant a new church in San Diego, CA in the next two years.

    To give to the Collins directly, go to and follow these simple steps. Click Give, then Give Now, and then designate the gift to go to "Collins Support".

  • Green Family

    Restoration House Ministries

    Southpointe Christian Church

    Warwick, RI

    Tanner and Bethany are the lead planters of Southpoint Christian Church in Warwick, RI. This is a ministry of Restoration House Ministries based in New Hampshire.  The ministry began October 30, 2011 in the midst of a New England snowstorm and has grown significantly since.

  • Dunn Family

    Team Expansion

    John and Cheryl Dunn serve with Team Expansion East Asia, helping to fulfill the vision of 'transforming communities among the unreached by planting Biblical churches.'  The Dunns reside in Taichung City, Taiwan.

  • Knox Family

    New Missions Systems International

    Johnny and Janelle serve in Southeast Asia with New Missions Systems International. Since their ministry is in a country closed to the gospel, we do not reval their exact location. Their focus is on building micro-businesses to help local residents provide for their own basic needs, giving them the opportunity to receive and share the gospel with others. 

  • George and Lois Poston

    Carribean Christian Training Center

    George and Lois serve under the eldership of the Keenes Christian Church in Keenes, IL. CCTC has been in service for twelve years. Before that the ministry was called Haiti Christian Mission Services. Their goal is to raise up faithful leaders, disciple them and send them out to work with their own people. George and Lois are currently in the US dealing with medical issues. 

  • MarisoL Silverio

    G. O. Ministries

    Marisol is the head cook for G. O. Ministries. She supervises eight other women who provide meals for the 35+ teams that visit the Dominican Republic each year.

    Marisol is currently in remission for cancer and still receiving treatment.  We continue to pray for her and are excited about our planned return to the Dominican Republic on June 27- July 4, 2017.  If you would like to join us, you can download the team member application HERE.

  • Flora, IL

    Making disciples of Jesus Christ through the teaching of God's word

    Oil Belt is a year-round facility goverened by the area Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ. Each week of camp is staffed by dedicated Christian men and women being examples and building relationships according to the Truth found in God's Word, the Bible. 

  • Harlowe Food Pantry

    Woodlawn, IL

    The food pantry is housed at First Baptist Church in Woodlawn. Food distribution is available to residents of Jefferson County. If there is an immediate need please contact Woodlawn Christian Church at 735-2355 or First Baptist Church at 735-2191.

    Here is a list of the remaining dates for 2016:

    September 30

    November 4

    December 2

  • Mt. Vernon, IL

    You don't have to face life's questions alone. 

    Pregnancy Tests, Material Assistance Program (Road to Hope), Post Abortion Healing, Referrals for Community Resources and Medical Care. All services are FREE and Confidential.


    210 S. 9th Street

    Mt. Vernon, IL

  • Florrisant, MO

    Saint Louis Christian College pursues excellence in the Word and develops servant leaders for urban, suburban, rural, and global ministry. Founded and primarily sustained by members of Christian Churches with a Stone-Campell Restoration Movement heritage, this institution of higher education integrates biblical, general, and professional studies with practical experience.

  • Mt. Vernon, IL

    CCFS is a non-profit agency. It is dedicated to provideing Christ-centered treatement to troubled families in order to meet their spiritual emotional, physical and social needs.

  • Southern Illinois Christian Service Camp is located in West Frankfort, Illinois. They have spring, summer and fall events for all ages. The camp is also available for retreats.  Click here for  2017 camp dates!