Welcome to the Worship Page!

We are glad you are here! We believe that being lead worshippers carries a sacred responsibility.


It is very important for those who participate in the worship team to feel that they are called to the ministry at hand. Participants must be baptized believers of Jesus Christ, and their lifestyle must resemble that of a Christ follower.  Team members must be worshippers both on and off the stage. If you have difficulty worshipping when you are not on stage, or if you have trouble attending worship when you are not on stage, the worship ministry is not right for you.

We welcome those who want to participate on the worship team. Anyone interested is asked to contact Dan Keyes. He would love to meet with you to discuss the ministry and hold a brief and informal audition.

Talent and Skill

Don't get us wrong - a pure heart is key to worship. We also recognize the need to have enough skill to perform their ministry with excellence. Each team member should have open hearts to receive advice, correction and training. God honors the discipline of practice and prayerful preparation.


Worship team members are expected to be actively involved at Woodlawn Christian Church and dedicated to our core values of doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to WORSHIP, CONNECT and COMMIT. We submit to our Lord's authority and to the leadership of the pastor and elders.  This commitment includes our prayers, our regular attendance, and our tithes/offerings.

Those who commit to serving on the worship team are asked to attend regular rehearsals and are expected to make their involvement in worship ministry a priority in their scheduling.

Attendance and punctuality are very important to being a member of the worship team. We recognize the difficulties in consistent attendance. But continually poor attendance, showing up late for rehearsals and being unprepared for worship show a lack of discipline and respect for the team and our role in worship.

Unless prior arrangements have been made with the worship pastor, those who are unable to attend rehearsals should not expect to participate in worship the following Sunday.  

Of course, we want to show grace like Jesus gives to us, so exceptions can be made by the leadership of Woodlawn Christian Church.

Lastly, open communication is of vital importance. If at any time, a member of our team is confused, discouraged, or unhappy with the way things are happening, please speak with our worship minister.  The best way to deal with hurt feelings, resentment, confusion, etc. is to bring it out into the open so the Lord can help us to work through it.